Franki Grigioni 2

“Amongst the clever references and phrases, the students also mix in hand-drawn animation.”

Franki Grigioni, B.A., Art Studies (Film)
Lead Researcher
“College Film” (ca. 1968)

16mm film (orig.)
b&w, silent
4:36 minutes (excerpt)

This short film features a group of students shopping and performing youthful tomfoolery in and around a grocery store. It is unclear whether or not this was done as a college project, although it was more than likely the product of leisure. The creators reference themselves with initials, or perhaps playful acronyms that have not been deciphered. We also witness the filmmakers’ experimentation with the process of shooting 16mm film at a lower frame rate, so upon playing back at normal speed, it appears to speed up. As a result, these clever identifications may be difficult for the naked eye to catch initially. The initials are presented as follows: D. K. D., P. A. W., C. B. S., H. F. S., and P. O. T.

Amongst the clever references and phrases, the students also mix in hand-drawn animation. There are various moments where stop-motion animation is combined with live-action images to elicit connections between the products being shown, such as a jar of mayonnaise, a can of coffee, and the text JAR-CAN-ASS-(CAN). These connections are left to the interpretation of the viewer, as the meaning behind them is unknown, or made intentionally ambiguous by the filmmakers.

The film ends with the message, “Thanks for coming to Colonial.” Colonial Stores was a popular, widespread supermarket throughout North Carolina between the 1940s and 1980s. This particular store was located in the Cameron Village, a shopping center that is still frequented by locals. Colonial Stores was paramount to consumers when the shopping center, notably one of the first in the southeast, opened in Raleigh, circa 1949.

A_part_of_Cameron_Village_shopping_center_Raleigh_NC copyColonial_Stores_grocery_1950_704_429_80_s copy

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A part of Cameron Village shopping center, Raleigh, N.C. Credit: Courtesy of North Carolina Collection Photographic Archives, Wilson Library, UNC-Chapel Hill.

The old Colonial Stores grocery store in Cameron Village, 1950. Credit: Courtesy of


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