Alison Rodriguez

“Walker developed the New Year’s Eve ‘Pickle Drop’ and other marketing programs.”

Alison Rodriguez, M.A., Film Studies
Lead Researcher
“Mt. Olive Pickles Commercial” (ca.1960)

16mm film (orig.)
b&w, sound
1:00 minute

This short advertisement was filmed for the Mt. Olive Pickle Company during the 1960s and uses a playful commercial-within-a-commercial style. The Mt. Olive Pickle Company was established in Mt. Olive, North Carolina in 1926 by a Lebanese immigrant, Shickrey Baddour. The company began small but today is ranked the second best pickle brand in the United States, with the company selling their pickles in all fifty states. Nearing its 90th year in business, the company has expanded its North Carolina facilities from its original one acre to over 100 acres. On October 1, 2015, the company opened a new warehouse in Mt. Olive, named after the late John N. Walker, who led the company between 1955 and 1990. Walker developed the New Year’s Eve “Pickle Drop” and other marketing programs. Since Walker was the president of the company during the time of this advertisement’s production and because of his interest in marketing, there is a chance he may have been involved in this Century Films production.

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Related documentation:
Photograph of John N. Walker, ca. 1970. Credit: Courtesy of State Archives of North Carolina.

Postcard stamped July 22, 1960 featuring jars of Mt. Olive products. Credit: “[Jars of Mt. Olive Pickles]” in Durwood Barbour Collection of North Carolina Postcards (P077), North Carolina Collection Photographic Archives, Wilson Library, UNC-Chapel Hill.

Aerial photograph of Mt. Olive Pickles Company from 1995. Credit: Courtesy of State Archives of North Carolina.


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