This website serves as an appendage and chronicle of the “Local History through The Camera Lens: Raleigh’s Own Century Film Studios” screening and exhibit (October-December 2015) that took place in the James B. Hunt, Jr. Library at North Carolina State University. Graduate students and advanced undergraduates in North Carolina State University Professor Dr. Devin Orgeron’s Seminar in Nonfiction Media (ENG 585 / Fall 2015) were assigned films from the Century Film Productions Motion Picture Films Collection housed at the State Archives of North Carolina. They then researched the films’ histories and established a context for understanding the studio’s owner/operator O.B. Garris’ work and the historical moment during which they were produced. Each student’s film(s) and research were then screened in Hunt’s iPearl Immersion Theater. The website, screening, and exhibit were co-designed and implemented by Melissa Dollman.

This site is educational in intent, and thus all images are protected under Fair Use. Videos entered the public domain upon deposit with the State Archives.